Equipment | All devices and tools available at the Laboratory



HTC Vive | 2 headsets

The HTC Vive is a leading Virtual Reality headset with sub-millimeter precision tracking and exceptional performance, what makes it ideal for room-scale VR applications.

Meta 2 | 2 headsets

A new player in the world of Augmented Reality, Meta 2 is praised for its wide field of view — 95º, which puts it in competition with Microsoft HoloLens. Available development kit is a nice tool to test new applications of AR in industrial workspace.

Dell Visor | 1 headset

Microsoft Mixed Reality (MR) headset, combining the best aspects of both worlds — VR and AR. This headset can be used for VR experiences, while equipped cameras allow it to project virtual objects to the real world view.

Vuzix M300 | 2 sets of glasses

Vuzix M300 smart glasses are designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications. Their compact display allows to show all necessary information to the worker, while a built-in camera can scan products barcodes or monitor workspace conditions.

Manus VR | 1 set of gloves

The Manus VR Development Kit is a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality. This device lets you experience a truly new level of interaction in Virtual Reality by precisely tracking your hands in real-time. Potential applications are very broad – from training simulations to VR arcades and motion capture.

ABB IRB 1600 | Industrial Robot

Industrial robot from ABB, suitable for a wide range of applications, including material handling and machine tending. Combines fast duty cycles with outstanding reliability and precision.

The IRB 1600 in IVAR Laboratory carries a precise Nikon 3D laser scanner, which allows to use the robot for scanning various objects and converting them to CAD models. These scanned models can be used for VR/AR experiences as well as other applications.

Motoman GP8 | Robot with training cell

A joint product of Motoman and Yaskawa brands, Motoman GP8 with "You Teach Me" training cell is perfect for getting to know industrial robots. It is specifically created for beginner-friendly learning experience. This light robot, however, is capable of doing precise and fast tasks: assembly, machine tending and part transfer.

With full access to the robot's control software, IVAR Laboratory gives an opportunity to build various interesting projects using GP8.

Festo FMS | Flexible Manufacturing System

Festo Flexible Manufacturing System is a concept that demonstrates how a real Industry 4.0 production line should look like. It is a distributed system consisting of modules, which can carry out different functions: storage, part processing, product assembly and others. All modules are connected using moving robot platforms, which can transfer parts and materials between the modules.

IVAR Laboratory has an example setup of this system, with one storage and one part processing modules, as well as control PC station and a moving robot platform. The system is open for research and testing.