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Research topics

Digital Twins

Digital Twin (DT) is a simulated representation of the real-world device or factory, which can be updated and managed using real-time data. DTs allow for monitoring and reconfiguration of real devices by the means of user-friendly digital tools, making them a safer and more convenient alternative to previously used management methods.

DTs developed in IVAR Lab synchronise data with their real counterparts through the cloud middle layer, giving researchers the ability to control devices from remote locations. IVAR research is mainly focused on framework, increasing connectivity and functionality of DT systems.

Demo of the Motoman GP8 robot digital twin
Digital Twins of IVAR Laboratory

Virtual and Augmented Reality (XR)

The original aim of the project is investigating the potential of XR applications with the DT in the specific domain of industrial and collaborative robotics. IVAR Lab focuses the its XR research on developing DT monitoring and guidance software, which allows users to train and work with the real equipment in safe conditions of a remote computer simulation.


Research works

“Digital Twin communication and control bridge development using Virtual Reality – industrial robot use case”: TalTech library archive link link


TalTech IVAR Laboratory members conduct several workshops and lectures related to XR and Digital Twin development. For more info or collaboration inquires, please visit the contact page.