Dr. Vladimir Kuts

Head of the Laboratory

Prof. Tauno Otto

Industry 4.0 Research Group Leader 

Dr. Kashif Mahmood

Simulations Engineer

Simone Pizzagalli, PhD candidate

VR/AR Interfaces, Human-Robot Interaction Research

Yevhen Bondarenko, PhD Candidate

Brain-Computer Interface, VR, AR

Karle Nutonen, PhD Candidate

Machine learning, AI and Virtual Reality

Margus Müür, MSc

Robotics Engineer

Marietta Gavriljuk, MSc

Medical Software, Mobile Applicatons

Ivanna Sandyk, MSc Student

Educational Gamification Applications

Ivan Symotiuk, BSc Student

Application Development, VR, AR

Rostyslav Boychuk, BSc Student

Application Development, VR, AR

Andriy Partyshev, MSc student

ROS Simulations, VR Specialist

Seycan Kuntay Baykara, BSc student

Medical Hardware Applications

Sergei Jegorov, MSc student

Mobile Robotics Engineer

Barış Cem Baykara, MSc student

Photogrammetry specialist, Drones

TalTech Tartu College Division

Rinaldo Rüütli

Head of 3D and Drone Laboratory

IVAR Laboratory Advisors

Dr. Marco Sacco, EuroVR president

Head of Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Application division at CNR-STIIMA (Italy)

Dr. Aleksei Tepljakov

Head of Re:creation Laboratory (TalTech, Estonia)

Prof. Anton Rassõlkin

Professor of Mechatronics (TalTech, Estonia)

Dr. Helena Gapeyeva, MD

PRM Physician, East Tallinn Central Hospital (Estonia)

Dr. Niall Murray

Founder and Principal Investigator of Truly Immersive and Interactive Multimedia Experiences (TIIMEx), Athlone Institute of Technology (Ireland)

Dr. Jeremy Marvel

Computer Scientist and Project Leader on Human-Robot Interactions topic at the NIST (USA)